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My Favorite Authors

Harley Wylde

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Harley writes erotic romances that are very similar to mine. I've been reading them the last week or so and was amazed at how similar our themes are in some ways. I've been devouring them.

Christine Feehan

I've been a fan since her first book published in 1999, Dark Prince. Over seventy books later and she's till going strong and I own every single on of them. I re-read them over and over. She has several series she's writing as well as a few she's completed.

E.R. Whyte

I'm privileged to say E.R Whyte is my friend and a wonderful author. If you haven't checked out her first book in the Reclaiming Heaven duet, Say You Love Me, then you need to do it now. Because the anticipated conclusion is coming out 9/30/20 in her book called Say You'll Be Mine!

Kate Morris

Kate is a new addition to my favorite list. She's a post-apocalyptic writer. If you haven't read her McClane Apocalypse series, you don't know what you're missing. And her newest series, Apokalysis is great as well.

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