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Terror's Temptress: Archangel's Warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls AW MC Book 1)

ISBN 9798637209286

​Published 4/14/2020

Terror was the president of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. He wasn’t looking for a woman. He could have any woman he wanted at any time. Until one night after a dangerous mission, Harlow unexpectedly walks into the room. She was tough, beautiful, sexy, deadly, and the daughter of another chapter president. The club has an enemy stalking them already and now she enters his life with her own enemy. He plans to win her for himself but first he’ll have to keep her father from killing him and their enemies from taking her away from him. He can’t live without his Temptress.

Savage's Princess: Archangel's Warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls AW MC Book 2)


 ​Published 6/1/2020

Savage is the VP of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. His time as a Navy Seal had shaped him to be a hard man, who defends those in need. Now, he lives to protect his club and his brothers. That is until he met Janessa Abbott. She causes him to feel things he’s never felt before and has him questioning what he wants in life. Suddenly, living for the moment isn’t enough. He wants something more; he wants her. However, she seems to be afraid and is hiding something, or from someone.  He waits for her to realize he can be trusted. To see that he won’t ever hurt her. However, first he has to earn her trust, then find the man who is stalking her. Only then can she be free to be his forever.  Free to be Savage’s Princess.

Steel & Hammer's Hellcat: Archangel's Warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls AW MC Book 3)

Preorder for 7/3/20 release

Hammer and Steel are best friends in the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. They love their lives and want only one thing to make life perfect. A woman they could share and love for a lifetime. They have given up hope she even exists, until Regan comes into their lives fighting for her friend. She consumes their minds and bodies. She is the one, they just have to make her see this. And protect her from the danger lurking in the shadows, waiting to take their Hellcat away from them.

Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Box set 1 Books 1-3

Published 7/15/2020

Get books 1-3: Terror's Temptress, Savage's Princess, Steel & Hammer's Hellcat in the first Archangel's Warriors MC Box set by Ciara St James

Menace's Siren: Archangel's Warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls AW MC Book 4)

Publish 8/18/20 No available as pre-order of

     As the Archangel’s Warriors’ enforcer, Menace comes by his name honestly. He uses the skills he learned in Special Ops to protect his MC. He didn’t know he’d have to use those same skills to protect a woman. And not just any woman. The woman who ensnared him and made him think of forever not just tonight. 

      Alannah doesn’t come without her own craziness, such as a grandmother who has been trying to get a look in the MC’s compound for years, and who loves to flirt and touch “beef cake.” She’s just looking to survive, finish her degree, and help her grandmother. She isn’t looking for a man. She isn’t asking to be in danger from not one, but two forces. 

     She especially never expects to ache for a giant, tattooed, hot alpha male biker. He consumes her mind, body and maybe even her soul. He never expects to burn for her and not be able to get her off his mind. He is consumed with thoughts of her day and night. He wants to be able to worship her the way he thinks she deserves and his body wants. 

     In the end can they eliminate the danger and find each other, so Alannah can have and love her own sexy biker and Menace can have and love his Siren?

Ranger's Enchantress: Archangel's Warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls AW MC Book 5)

Pre-order 9/19/20 Release 10/2/20

Ranger is the sergeant at arms for the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. He has begun to suspect he needs a change in his life. Only the change he gets isn’t what he expects. But when he saw that tiny woman in the common room of the clubhouse, he was instantly hooked.

Brielle is looking to support herself and her daughter, Rowan. She isn’t looking for a man. In fact, she wants nothing to do with men. She has a dark, secret pain no one knows about. One that has scarred her so badly, she had to run and hide. She thought she’d been successful. Her boon in gaining the Warriors’ business is a plus. Despite her leeriness, she couldn’t deny her attraction to Ranger.  But she didn’t plan on pursuing it. Ranger has other ideas.

When her past and her present collide, Brielle is left for dead and Ranger is left wondering if he’ll lose her before he ever gets her. He, his club, and their friends will do anything and everything to eliminate the risk to Brielle and Rowan, including taking on the world of crime. Will Brielle get the one man she can freely trust and love? The one who can slay her demon and soothe her fears. Will Ranger be able to save his enchantress and her daughter before it’s too late and get his HEA?