• Ciara St. James

We're on paper!

I am happy to announce after quite a bit of finessing, Terror's Temptress is now available not only in e-book format but now in paperback! It can be ordered from Amazon starting today, May 3, 2020. I am still trying to see if I can get it also on B&N, but the technical kinks are still plotting against me at the moment.

Other good news is I've found the cover for book 2: Savage's Princess. Thanks to my graphic designer, Niki Ellis Designs, I think we found the perfect Savage and Janessa. I am busy finalizing the last edits and she the cover design for a June release. You got introduced to Savage and Janessa in Terror's book. They jumped out to me to be heard next while I was still writing the first book.

If you've taken time to read Terror's Temptress send me a short email telling me what you thought. I'd love it if you'd leave a review on the booksellers website.

Hope everyone is hanging in there as we start the process of opening back up our country from this Covid-19 scare. While it has been challenging to stay inside so much, I've been able to read a lot, which is my favorite thing to do! Keep safe- Ciara

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