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We Have a Launch!

Hello Erotic Romance Readers. I am excited to bring to you my first book. It is called Terror's Temptress: Archangel's warriors MC Novel (Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors MC Book 1). The book is available right now in the e-book format on Amazon at

This is the first of a series I am writing. Just a little about the Archangel’s Warriors MC: They are brothers by choice, not blood. Born to ride until they die. All they wanted was to ride free until lightning strikes them without warning. Consumed by desire, surrounded by danger, they find the “one” who will consume, enchant, frustrate and ultimately love them. They only see each other. When Archangel’s Warriors find the “One”, they don’t back down, they don’t ever stray and they will do anything to protect their women, even kill for them. Their women are strong, feisty, and dangerous. They are each other’s every fantasy come to life. The sex is hotter than anything they’ve ever known. Those who stalk their club or threaten their women had better beware!

Book 1 follows Terror and Harlow.

Terror was the president of the Dublin Falls Archangel’s Warriors MC. He wasn’t looking for a woman. He could have any woman he wanted at any time. Until one night after a dangerous mission, Harlow unexpectedly walks into the room. She was tough, beautiful, sexy, deadly and the daughter of another chapter president. The club has an enemy stalking them already and now she enters his life with her own enemy. He plans to win her for himself but first he’ll have to keep her father from killing him and their enemies from taking her away from him. He can’t live without his Temptress.

The series is set in beautiful Tennessee. It combines romance, danger, love, and sex in a MC. But this is a MC who respect, love and protect not only its brothers, but its women and children. Please note this is intended for those 18+ since it does contain graphic, violent situations and some foul language. However, every one ends in a HEA. I would love to hear back from you once you read the book. Stay tuned book 2: Savage's Princess is coming soon.

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