• Ciara St. James

Thank You

I wanted to take time to thank the very talented photographer, graphic artist and models for my first book, Terror's Temptress as well as my husband. without them, this wouldn't have happened.

Taylor Alexander at Taylor Alexander Photography- is responsible not only for the photo on the cover but also my personal profile photo. She was so wonderful and easy to work with! She made this an easy process.

Niki Ellis at Niki Ellis Designs, LLC was the wonderful graphic designer who created the cover for this book. Niki was so patient and took me through this process saving me many hours of frustration. She also was wonderful enough to create the Archangel's Warriors emblem you see on the front cover.

Cody and Chantel Mackie- many thanks to the models who made my book come alive for me. You're love and sex appeal just jumped off the page at me. I am so happy to have you both for my first cover!

Final thanks to my family. especially my husband, Tony. He has listened to me for years say I wanted to write a romance novel. He kept telling me to "just do it." well, last year, he gave me the opportunity to just do it. He has spent countless hours listening to ideas, hearing me type and reading my manuscripts. The man deserves a medal!

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