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💥Ranger's Enchantress Book 5 Coming Oct 2020!

I am so excited to be publishing my 5th book in the Archangel's Warriors MC series already. I started this series with publishing of book 1 on 4/14/20. It has been a whirlwind 5 months. I have several more already drafted as well as a couple in the first spin off series dealing with the Warriors' chapter in Hunter's Creek.

Thank you to Niki Ellis Designs for another great cover. And my editor, Maggie Kern at Ms. K Edits. I really hope everyone will enjoy it as much as they have the others.

It will go one pre-order Sept 19th and then release on Oct 2, 2020.

Watch fro more on my FB account and other social media.

Thank you to the loyal readers I have and those joining the ranks every day! You make me so happy😊

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