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Have you heard the Exciting News? Collaboration between Cee Bowerman & Ciara St. James

For those who haven't heard, on January 21st 2021, Cee Bowerman and I went live to announce an exciting new collaboration. We're each writing a new MC series, which are interconnected with each other. It's all taking place in the fictional town of Tenillo, Texas. Cee and I created this town from the ground up and we're super excited to share it with everyone!!

My series will be called the Ares' Infidels MC (AIMC) and will be comprised of all former military men and the ladies who capture their hearts.

Cee's series will be the Timed Served MC (TSMC) and will be comprised of prior convicts (who all had very good reasons for their time in prison). They will be finding their HEAs along the way too.

Both clubs live in Tenillo and there's a lot of dangerous and shady things happening in their town. Things they want to shut down to make the town safer for everyone ,especially their families.

We will alternate releasing a book between us every month. The first one will be out April 1, 2021 from Cee and it will be called Hook. The first in my series will be out May 1, 2021 and will be called Sin. We will continue to release a book a month until both series are complete, which we think will be in 2022 (but who knows, it could go longer!)

Please join us. If you'd like go to Facebook and join our group, the Tenillo Guardians ( ) for up-to-date happenings on this wonderful adventure. After all, who couldn't do with some more sexy, protective, dangerous men on motorcycles wearing leather? Oh my!

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