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Book 3: Steel & Hammer's Hellcat coming in July

I'm in the final phases of getting the cover for Steel & Hammer's Hellcat finalized. As soon as it is, then the book will be published! I'm hoping for the beginning of July. Stay tuned for an exact date. This story in the series is about two Archangel's Warriors named Steel and Hammer. they have been lifelong best friends who joined the Warriors together. They have one dream when it comes to their happily ever after. To find one woman both of them can share, love, marry, and have a family with. They aren't holding out much hope of finding her, because some women like to experiment in being part of a threesome, but few want it forever. They think all hope is lost, until they meet Regan. She's tough, beautiful, smart, and not afraid of standing up to anyone. Steel and Hammer think she could be the one. Now, all they have to do is convince her!


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