Dublin Falls Archangel's Warriors

Welcome to Dublin Falls, TN. Home of the Archangel's Warriors MC. This is a new series I am writing. The Warriors are hard riding alpha males who grab on  and never let go once they meet the "One." 

They are brothers by choice, not blood. Born to ride until they die. All they want was to ride free until lightning strikes them without warning. Consumed by desire, surrounded by danger, they find the “one” who will consume, enchant, frustrate and ultimately love them. They only see each other. When Archangel’s Warriors find the “One”, they don’t back down, they don’t ever stray, and they will do anything to protect their women, even kill for them.  Their women are strong, feisty, and dangerous. They are each other’s every fantasy come to life. The sex is hotter than anything they’ve ever known. Those who stalk their club or threaten their women had better beware!


Look for the series on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.





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